In today’s society the normal treatment for Depression is by means of pharmaceuticals. While Doctors tell you that they are completely safe, have you ever read in retail the warnings and side affects on the label of that bottle? In Reality the pills your Doctor gave you seem to add more problems to your list that you just didn’t know you had yet. Instead of being misled into thinking you need certain medications, why not try the natural approach to a Depression free life? The only side-effect to Acupuncture is that it works!   [click to continue…]

The basic structure of weight loss is structured around being able to stay committed to nutrition health, daily exercise and lifestyle changes. While these basic principles can work well, they are temporary “solutions” at best. There is not a miracle cure for weight loss like most of us would love to think, but any truly dedicated person that wants to shred the weight to be happier with themselves as well as reap the health benefits can start with the practice of Chinese medicine to help them begin, maintain and keep their weight loss goals.

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Feelings of anxiety, worry, and fear related to significant and challenging events are justified and very common. Anxiety becomes a problem when emotional reactions are out of proportion with what might be “normally” expected in a situation, and when symptoms interfere with a person’s daily functioning or sleep patterns. Mild anxiety leaves a person feeling a bit unsettled, while severe anxiety can be extremely debilitating. [click to continue…]

“I had been suffering with severe migraine headaches on a daily basis before coming to see Robin. I was very skeptical about acupuncture when I started treatment, but now I am a believer and would recommend acupuncture to anyone that has migraine headaches!” –N.S.

Over 50 million of us experience some form of a severe headache at some point in our lives. Whether you experience minor head pain or severe migraines, headaches can take valuable time out of your day and your life, and leave you searching for relief. [click to continue…]

Lupus, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Crohn’s disease, you may have heard of these conditions, but do you know what they have in common? They are all types of autoimmune diseases and they are all lifelong conditions.

Approximately 50 million Americans are living with an autoimmune disease. If you are facing one of these conditions, you know how crucial it is to have a treatment plan in place to help you manage your symptoms and live the healthiest, most active life possible. [click to continue…]

Insomnia is one of Robin M. Douglas, AP’s specialties. She has helped many in returning to restful nights. 

You settle into a warm, relaxing bed, close your eyes and nothing happens. You just can’t fall asleep. Hours go by and you are still awake. The next day you feel tired, grouchy and are unable to focus. Does this sound familiar?  [click to continue…]

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Ponte Vedra Relay for Life event on 4/21/2012, and everyone who got Acupuncture for Charity!

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be used effectively in many stages of cancer. From reducing the harmful side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, to stimulating the immune system, to improving mood and quality of life, Eastern medicine should not be overlooked…
Here is a great article on Acupuncture and Cancer:

We all have stressful events happen in our lives, and every person copes with stress and traumatic events in different ways at varying rates. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a complex condition in which an affected person may experience memory, emotional, intellectual, or nervous system complications in response to a traumatic experience. Acupuncture is useful in the treatment of PTSD, especially utilizing a protocol developed by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA.) This protocol is also used for addiction therapy to help mental and emotional effects of drug use, as well as the PTSD that is often a precursor to drug use. Robin Douglas, AP is certified in this particular treatment. Please checkout this article that discusses a study of the effects or acupuncture on PTSD victims:

As the days get cooler many people are susceptible to nasal congestion, headaches, and allergies.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine help to clear the sinus passages and resolve mucus, as well as strengthen the immunity to prevent problems from returning.  This article offers examples of how an Acupuncture Physician may go about treating sinus problems:

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine does wonders for all kinds of mental and emotional concerns, including stress, anxiety, depression, anger,  insomnia, etc. Here is an article discussing a study where the use of only 1 point in the ear was used to treat anxiety. Just think of what a whole treatment complete with body points and herbs can do!