Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is an effective and natural way to address illness, imbalance, and weakness in the body.

Herbal Medicine is often used along with acupuncture in internal medicine. Robin Barlow, AP, DOM customizes herbal formulas to offer the patient a higher quality of individualized care.


herbal wellnessWhat is Herbal Medicine? It is a powerful therapeutic modality that compliments, and is often used with acupuncture. A practitioner using herbal medicine is familiar with the Chinese pharmacopeia and the actions, indications, and cautions for each herb. All of these herbs are classified according to their energetic properties, functions, and the organs, energetic pathways, and disharmonies for which they treat.

How Do Herb Combinations Work Together? At Sunshine Healing Arts, Robin Barlow, AP, DOM creates custom formulas for her patients so the medicine prescribed addresses each individual patient’s needs. These herbs are combined to enhance each other’s actions and effects on the body, leading to a synergistic formula. The combination increases the benefits of each herb, and balances the formula to ensure the absence of side effects. The art and skill in effectively combining each formula resides in selecting the precise and most appropriate herbs to address the patient’s specific disharmony.

Is Herbal Medicine Safe? Yes, when prescribed and administered correctly. Dr. Robin Barlow  is a Licensed Acupuncture Physician, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and medical herbalist with extensive training. The Chinese herbal medicines that Robin uses are made from the whole part of the plant or natural source. This allows the natural buffers found in the source to remain intact and protect us from any harsh effects of active chemicals in the herb. In contrast, Western pharmaceutical companies find the active ingredient and separate it from the rest of the plant or natural source (many pharmaceuticals are plant derived.) Then they concentrate the active ingredient and you take a small dose of the medicine. This is why pharmaceuticals are so strong in their effects and  can override disease and the body’s processes, but this is also why they have such severe and irreversible side effects! Herbal medicine actually balances out the body so it can return to homeostasis and function smoothly, so herbal treatments are NOT something that you have to continue for long periods of time. As with any ingested substance, everybody’s body is different and may be sensitive to certain herbal ingredients, however minimal discomfort has ever been reported.

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