Acupuncture at Sunshine Healing Arts is gentle and painless. Robin Barlow, AP, DOM will ensure your comfort throughout the acupuncture experience. 



What is Acupuncture?  Safe, effective, and natural health care. The ancient Chinese discovered the presence of energetic pathways in our bodies, along which the body’s vital energy travels. This life force energy circulates to every cell in our body. You can think of these pathways as rivers that come up close to the surface of the skin, where the acupuncture points are located. These pathways also delve deep inside the body and connect with the organs, bones, glands, and the brain and spinal cord. This is how, for example, stimulating a point on the leg can effectively treat nausea. The acupuncture points themselves, along the skin and muscle layers, are like pools where the energy is most easily accessible. The Art of acupuncture is the ability to effectively guide this energy throughout the body by the insertion of tiny needles into the acupuncture points. A skilled practitioner knows exactly which points to stimulate for your specific health complaints and imbalances.

How Does Disease Develop? The body’s energy is responsible for the movement of blood and fluids, deliverance of nutrients to every cell, warming the body, the breakdown and assimilation of nutrients through digestion, protection through immunity, and generally keeps us running smoothly and making sure each part of the body carries out its designated role in the system. it is not difficult to see how an interruption in any of these processes can be detrimental to the whole. Sometimes this energy gets ‘stuck’ in a certain area, thus blocking its natural movement to other parts of the body. Because the body is designed to be resilient and self-regulating, this imbalance is corrected by itself most of the time in strong healthy bodies. However, when the disruption is prolonged or excessive or the body is in a weakened state, pain, disease, and other ailments begin to appear. Acupuncturists can help to restore the natural flow of this energy by stimulating unique combinations of acupuncture points.

Is Acupuncture Safe? Our acupuncturists are Licensed Acupuncture Physicians. They have  Master Degrees in Oriental Medicine, and are very knowledgeable in the safe, clean practices of acupuncture therapy. Any Board Licensed  Physician must pass rigorous exams and clinical achievements to earn this license, including point location, anatomy, physiology, ethics, and lawful rules and regulations. Acupuncture is a strictly regulated safe practice. The acupuncture needles come in sterile packaging directly from the supplier, and all needles are properly disposed of after their use. They are NEVER reused.

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